Warmest thanks to everyone who’s been a part of this journey…

8 08 2011

The Perth-Manila Book Project, like any project, is temporal in nature, with a beginning and an end. It was not conceived as a stable organisation to be continued in perpetuity. It was a case of friends and lovers and kindred spirits coming together to make stuff happen. After 2 successful shipments of over 10,000 books distributed in various half-way homes and public schools in Manila as well as in other provinces in the Philippines,  we are now disbanding this project, but will resurface elsewhere in time, eventually to compose other projects… We will, however, keep this blog here as a testament to everything we achieved together, and hopefully it will inspire others to start up similar such projects where we left off. A big thank you to everyone who was involved over the years! Maraming salamat!



FYI: New Address of House of Refuge

8 08 2011

House of Refuge Foundation, Inc.
#24 Parinas Street, Road 20
Bgry. Bahay Toro,Project 8
Quezon City (Philippines)
Telephone Numbers:+632 6926044
Mobile Number: +632 9279258664 or 632 9086479038

Articles by Kara Santos (March 2011, Enrich Magazine)

8 06 2011

THANKS KARA! *yakap*

Talim Island, Rizal Province

8 04 2010

Another Email from Mari-An Santos (THANK YOU!!!):

I’m happy to tell you that we finally delivered the books to Talim
Island yesterday, Mar. 30, 2010. The trip took some time. From the
fishport at Binangonan, Rizal, we took a boat to Brgy. Janosa. On the
1 1/2-hour boat ride, we were left in awe at the cool breeze and clean
air, and kept company by people from the island: fisherfolk on their
way home from selling the day’s catch at the market, ice cream and
snack vendors going from one barangay to the next, parents with their
children coming from recognition day or graduation. It was a pleasant,
beautiful day.

We met the principal of Janosa Elementary School, Ma’am Editha dela
Cruz, and some of her teachers. Classes had finished, but they were
still preparing for the graduation next week.

369 students from the elementary school will benefit from the book
donations. Not to mention their 12 teachers. We also endorsed books
for the Janosa National High School, which is 1 of only 2 high schools
in the entire island.

Too bad we weren’t able to share the day with you. But we hope you can
join us in the future.


In the News…

19 03 2010

Learning Center, Lasam, Cagayan

16 03 2010

Email from Rose Trajano:

Dear friends,

Our small learning center  is almost done setting up, konting konti na lang and we will open mid march.  Please see attached photos from magulo pang books at now ay mayroon ng mga classifications at konting decorations ang room. Aapat pa lang ang upuan na nahiram naming for the students, I am planning to spread mats na lang sa labas ng room for additional reading area.

Again maraming salamat sa inyo !



Dear Friends,

Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat!

Thanks very much for your donations of books, and all other things for our library in Lasam, We will have our launching by March (FINALLY)! Some students and teachers who have learned of the library are already excited to start borrowing books . It took us a while dahil  kulang po kami sa resources . The room for the mini resource center was lent to us by a cousin doctor in the States. Medyo marami  pong ipinaayos—CR and drainage, reconnection of electricity, some carpentry works and painting. Friends lent us book cases (which are actually stand ng mga tindahan nila na hindi ginagamit. Tables  care of mag lulugaw na hindi na nagtitinda ngayon. And of course the time and efforts of all the volunteers.

I have collected more than a thousand books from all of you. The people here are so surprised na nadala naming ito lahat sa Lasam and they are saying na mas marami pa kaming  libro and reading materials compared  all the schools dito. Of course marami pang kulang batay sa needs ng mga target audience and now I can easily identify and request them later dahil nacategorize na naming lahat. All workbooks and manuals will be used by the Alternative Learning Program or what we formerly call Non-Formal Education, pang practice reading and writing and math skills. Natuwa po ang mga Coordinators.

Attached are some photos—from nasa carton pa lahat then nasa book cases na.  Later, mas maayos na photos na ang ipapadala ko.

Again maraming salamat at huwag kayong madadala sa pagtulong.  If you still want to donate I will not prevent you but please wait for our specific requests – sa ngayon I learned that we do not have Antonyms and Synonyms and Thesaurus and on Agriculture topics. Students from one of the schools here were already asking for these reference materials.

Truly yours,


Sto Nino book distribution

16 03 2010

Email from Mari-An:

Last Mar. 6, 2010, we went to Sto. Niño, Ambassador, Tublay, Benguet
to conduct seminar-workshop in Sto. Niño Elementary School. The
community is less than 2kms away from the highway. But during typhoon
Pepeng, it was badly affected–boulders and mudslides came at them
from different sides, as they are surrounded by hills and mountains.
“We thought it was the end of the world. It was as if the sky was
falling!” Children and adults have said. Now, reconstruction is still
ongoing. The roads were badly affected and many structures, including
the church, were submerged and beyond salvaging.
We distributed books to around 60 elementary and pre-school students
there. But since it was a Saturday, just a few students (the ones who
lived nearby) came to the school.